2017 Brochure and Downloads

Swimming Pool Prices and timetables

2017 Pool Timetable and prices (for better quality please use specific timetables below, Please Note timetable for September has changed. Correct timetable ‘2017 Low Season’ below

2017 Low Season Timetable (our extended season for 2017) Dates are – 18th April-28th April, 6th September-1st October. Please note new timetable for 6th September-1st October thanks to funding from Magna Vitae. Timetable in link is correct

2017 Term time Timetable Dates are – 28th April-26th May, 5th June-19th July

2017 School Holiday Timetable Dates are- 14th-17th April, 27th May-4th June, 20th July-5th September

2017 Swimming Pool Prices

2017 Leaflet

2017 Brochure (please note the top page is upside down)

Supporters Packs

Business Supporters Pack 2017

Business Supporters pack (non retail business) 2017

Supporters and Volunteers Pack 2017

Organisations Pack 2017

Membership Forms

Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Ltd – Adult membership form – on-line

Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Ltd  – Adult membership form (Word document)

Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Ltd Junior membership form (Word document)

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2016/17 Winners

2017/18 application form

Our future plans

Our plans to improve Jubilee Park and to secure the future of the swimming pool include the following priorities:-
⦁ Improving our changing facilities.

⦁ Providing a 30 station health and fitness suite.

⦁ Creating a multi-purpose exercise studio/indoor facility.

We aim to deliver these improvements over the next few years as and when we can source the necessary funding.

If you have views on what should be included in our plans or you have experience of fund raising, please let us know.