FAQs – About Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Ltd

Now that Jubilee Park is leased to Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Limited (henceforth referred to as JPWS Ltd) there will no doubt be lots of questions people have about how it’s going to be run.

We’ve listed here your likely questions with answers. We intend to update this page with new questions and answers based on your feedback and issues about which clarification is requested.

Who owns this company now running Jubilee Park?
Jubilee Park is now leased by the Parish Council to JPWS Ltd. This is a company limited stamndroseby guarantee and is owned by its members. A company limited by guarantee is set up for the purpose of running something on a not for profit basis. All residents in Woodhall Spa are entitled to become members of JPWS Ltd and therefore have their say on how the Park is run.

Who are the people behind this company?
They are a group of local residents and Woodhall Spa business owners who responded to the Parish Council’s request to the community which asked for volunteers with the requisite skills to put  a plan together to take on the running of Jubilee Park. They give their time freely for the benefit of the whole community. They will be the founding trustees. Then, within 12 months of the company’s start up an AGM is to be held when new trustees can be appointed to the board. Who these founding trustees are is detailed HERE.

Why has the park been transferred to a new company?
When the Parish Council took over ownership of Jubilee Park it was always the intention to transfer responsibility and management of the park to a community based company. Additionally, the conditions governing Parish Councils mean that they are not legally allowed to run commercial enterprises. The pool and the caravan site are considered to be commercial enterprises and therefore had to be transferred.

Why all the fuss – isn’t Jubilee Park financially stable?
When East Lindsey District Council (ELDC) handed the park over they also made provision for some financial support in the first 5 years. The last contribution to the park will be made in April 2015. Last year, 2013, was a really good summer and the park was very busy, far busier than ever before. However, this only produced a surplus (profit) of circa £10,000. ELDC made grants to Jubilee Park of nearly £34,000 over the year. This means that, in real terms, the park lost £24,000, it costs more to run than it actually generates in revenue and 2013 was a really good year.

Will Jubilee Park change?
We all love Jubilee Park as it is but it is losing money and something has to be done about this to make sure the pool stays open in the future. JPWS Ltd has a business plan to take Jubilee Park forward but there are no unchangeable decisions. Become a member of the company and have your say and lend a hand in securing the Park’s future.

How can I get involved?
JPWS Ltd is owned by its members. All residents (aged 18 and over) in Woodhall can become members and have a say and vote about the Park’s future; and indeed, can get themselves onto the board and become a trustee, a director in other words. Membership is open to individuals who live or work in the geographical area defined as the Woodhall Spa Parish.

Is the swimming pool going to stay open?
pool at sunsetThe swimming pool staying open is crucial to the future of Jubilee Park. All the plans and actions of JPWS Ltd will have this very much in mind.

How is the charity going to get Jubilee Park out of the red?
Central to the JPWS Ltd’s plans for Jubilee Park will be the installation of a health & wellbeing suite. This will bring in year round income for re-investment in Jubilee Park to secure its future. As a member you can have your say and help shape the future of the Park.

What happens if JPWS Ltd fails?
If JPWS Ltd fails, the terms of the lease mean that the park returns to the Parish Council; and, they will have to decide what happens next. If JPWS Ltd has any debts, because it is a limited company, the debts stay with the company. The members of the company will be asked to honour their commitment and pay £5 each towards the outstanding debt. If the debts are greater than this they will, ultimately, be written off by any creditors. The debts cannot be transferred to the Parish Council or to the people of Woodhall Spa.

If I have a point to make how do I talk to the people running the trust?
You can use the following e mail address to communicate with the trustees of JPWS Ltd: info@jubileeparkwoodhallspa.co.uk

Are the trustees of JPWS Ltd paid or making money in any way out of Jubilee Park?
No. They are not allowed to; instead, they give their time free for the benefit of the community.

I’m a resident in Woodhall Spa – how do I become a Member of JPWS Limited?
On line…     Please download a Membership Application Form HERE
Off line…     You can pick up a Membership Form from the Pool Reception

I don’t live in Woodhall Spa but I’d like to be a member, am I allowed to do that?
croqYes. But this is restricted to people who don’t live but work within the Parish, swimming season ticket holders, campsite season ticket holders and one or two other groups. If you think you might be eligible please download a Membership Application Form and read through the eligibility restrictions HERE

How much do I have to pay to be a member and what am I liable for?
There is no fee to become a Member of JPWS Ltd. But by becoming a Member you are liable for £5 as your “guarantee” should the company fail. This liability is limited to £5; but you are liable for this amount for 12 months after resigning your membership.

If I don’t like what the trustees are doing or I’m worried about decisions being made what can I do?
First of all you need to be a Member. Given that is the case you have a number of ways to ensure the trustees are acting properly and in accordance with the rules. More details HERE.