Online swimming Bookings

Bringing Jubilee Park into the 21st Century. This New venture launched on Friday the 14th July 2017

Please note

Not all sessions will be available straight away and only a certain number of tickets will be sold online. For example only around 15% of a general swim day’s tickets will be available online. So if the day you have chosen has no more tickets available online please don’t think that it’s sold out – more tickets will be available on the door. We have limited it to this amount so that the pool doesn’t get too overcrowded straight away and people who can’t book online can still get in.

How general swimming booking works:

For each session 100 tickets will be made available online. These tickets cost just £1 extra per person which includes the booking fees and “Queue Jump”. For “Queue Jump” to be applicable you will need to arrive within the first hour of the general swim on that day (e.g. if general swim starts at 10am you would need to be here no later than 11am). If you’re not here within the first hour of the general swim your ticket will still be valid for that session but you won’t be able to “Queue Jump” with it and will need to queue with everyone else.

Tickets are non-refundable, so please make sure you have the correct date and session before booking as we are not able to swap after booking.

When you arrive please look out for the online bookings and season tickets queue.

Click here to book!