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Jubilee Park is run by a not for profit company limited by guarantee. The company is owned by its members who are residents of Woodhall Spa.

The trustees who manage the Park’s affairs are elected from the membership. The trustees  receive no remuneration of any kind for their work,  giving their time free for the benefit of Jubilee Park and the community.

trustIn legal terms Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Limited is a company limited by guarantee. More detail on the structure and modus operandi of a company limited by guarantee is HERE.

The aims of the charitable trust are detailed in the Articles. In summary these are:

(1)    To manage, promote and sustain Jubilee Park as a swimming, leisure, sports & recreation amenity available to and for the benefit of the whole community.
(2)    To promote health & fitness withinthe community by providing swimming, sports and health related training and coaching.
(3)    To promote, organise and facilitate co-operation and partnership working between third sector, statutory and other relevant bodies in the achievement of the above purposes within the area of benefit.

If you would like to become a Member please download an application form by clicking on the relevant link

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Further Information about Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Ltd….

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The founding trustees – Trustees

Can you help Jubilee Park?

Jubilee Park is in the centre of Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire and provides an outdoor swimming pool, ornamental gardens and children’s play park for the enjoyment of all visitors.

Threatened with closure a few years ago, Jubilee Park is now a community run, charity business operated by a group of local volunteers with the essential help of a full time manager, 2 support staff and numerous seasonal employees – not forgetting the army of volunteers who help to keep the gardens in great shape.

We support many local community organisations and events and the park regularly hosts social activities.

We receive no funding from any local authority, are wholly dependent on our own revenue generation and hugely appreciated fundraising activities.

Jubilee Park’s children’s playground has recently seen a major refurbishment. Our grateful thanks go to all those generous donors to last year’s Playpark Appeal and especially to WREN whose grant enabled us to reach our £10,000 target and get the work done ahead of our main season.

This year’s appeal is focusing on funding for a sensory sunken garden to liven up a dull corner of the Park.  The garden will be wheelchair friendly and the planting carefully chosen to stimulate the senses – including scented and edible plants. A water feature will add sound and enhance what will be a quiet corner for both disabled and able bodied visitors. We have already begun receiving donations specifically for this project that has captured the imagination of many of our supporters.  The garden is the latest in our ongoing improvement of our lovely little park

All donations received over the next few months will be put towards this stunning new feature.

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